YG Family “Kisses” To Celebrate 15 Years

To celebrate 15 years, YG Entertainment is holding an exhibition, called “Kiss With YG Family.”

Each YG artist, such Big Bang, 2ne1, Se7en, Gummy, Psy, and Tablo, puckered up to capture their individual kiss marks for display. The exhibition will be open from November 26 of this year to January 5, 2012. The kiss mark pictures will be on sale at the end of the exhibition, from which the proceeds will be used for charity. Albums and music videos from YG artists will also be on display.

There will also be a special room for Tablo “Fever’s End” exhibition, which is being called a ‘reading’ exhibition as it displays the poignant messages, notes, scribbling, and lyrics that were part of the album’s production.

For fans in Korea who can go this exhibit, it is being held at the G-Arche at Gangnam Station.

YG Entertainment will also be holding the “15th Anniversary YG Family Concert” on December 3 and 4, at the Seoul Olympic Stadium.