Goo Hye Sun Set to Take Off for “Take Care of Us, Captain”

Stills of Goo Hye Sun as an airplane pilot for the upcoming drama, “Take Care of Us, Captain” have been released.

“Take Care of Us, Captain” follows the trials and triumphs of the newly minted female pilot, Han Da Jin, played by Goo Hye Sun. Ji Jin Hee plays her the older and more-experienced male co-pilot, and Lee Chun Hee rounds out the love triangle. Yoo Sun, Honey Lee, and Sean Richard also join the cast.

“Take Care of Us, Captain” fills the Wednesday-Thursday timeslot on January 4, after the end of “Tree With Deep Roots.”

The first set of stills with Goo Hye Sun in blue uniform is from Han Da Jin’s flight academy graduation, filmed in South Korea. The second set is from Australia, where Goo Hye Sun is filming her flight training.




Ji Jin Hee


 Lee Chun Hee