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Jang Woo♡Eun Jung:  Jang Woo and his secret date with his mother in law

Last time, Woo-Jung Couple had a fun together with Jang Woo’s mother. Meanwhile Jang Woo was secretly planning a date with Eun Jung’s mother alone without telling Eun Jung about it. So what was it that caused Jang Woo to jump up in surprise when he went to meet Eun Jung’s mother?

Eun Jung’s mother proposes they go out shopping for her first date with her son-in-law. What will the shopping date with mother in law and son in law be like. Eun Jung’s mother also personally picks out some clothes for Jang Woo, what will these clothes be like?

Meanwhile, Eun Jung is waiting at home by herself, oblivious to what is going on. She picks up a phone call from Jang Woo and goes into a rage(?). What will Jang Woo’s secret date with his mother in law be like?

Won Joon♡So Hyun: Say goodbye to tears. The couple camp full of love

Last week, Won JoonSo Hyun Couple moved houses and also celebrated their 200th day anniversary. During their inner thoughts interview, Won Joon started crying. So for his sake So Hyun proposes they go on a Couple Camp.

So Hyun has brought Won Joon to a place deep within the mountains with good water and scenery. They start to meditate within nature along with the other couples. They begin to express their inner thoughts at a tree, so what are the inner thoughts that So Hyun expressed at the tree?  Following this, they listen to a couple seminar and being to write down each other’s positive and negative sides.  What will their brutally honest positive and negative points be?

So they can understand each other’s positions better, they decide to try and swap roles. The couple begins to express all the complaints they have built up until now. What are these complaints and how well will the couple understand each other after this couple camp?

Lee Teuk♡Sora: Lyrics by her, Song by him

Lee Teuk and Sora ended up playing the piano together in the music room at Lee Teuk’s old school. They decide to try and make a couple song. They shout out and say that this song is awesome. What will Lee Teuk and Sora’s School Song be like and will the couple successfully complete their songs without any issues?

Sora is curious about her husband’s school days and so they decide to meet his head teacher. What is the secret weapon(?) that his head teacher brings out that causes Lee Teuk to howl in agony? The couple goes to meet his school juniors with his teacher. The students start asking the couple questions, which causes Sora to drop to the floor in surprise. What about Teuk-Kang Couple are the students most curious about?

After finishing their tour of the school, Lee Teuk and Sora heads to the roof. Sora has once again prepared something for her husband and endless amount of items pours out of her bag. What will these items be?

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