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Infinity Challenge <2012  Calender Special >

It has once again returned this year without fail. “Infinity Challenge” 2012 Calender Special. Are you watching this Paparazzi?  They go to various places and the photos that are taken at each location will be in the calendar? The happy photo trip with viewers.

# They finally start producing the Infinity Challenge 2012 Calender

They have to pick one location out of 16 locations across the country. The members set out on a trip to get photos taken of them. They will decide their locations with highly tense and random archery game. The Kiddie Archer Haha, his arrow points to their location. It is the land that is full natural sights, Gangwondo! And the members are also given missions. Today they each have to be paparazzi photographers for each other and then pictures of happiness hidden throughout Gangwondo. The Seven Men head for Gangwondo on a sunny autumn day. The men set out of a really enjoyable trip that reminds you more of a dodgy vacation.

And when they arrive in the lakeside city of Choonchun and have an extremely big opening fashion show. The outside of the fashion world, Hong Chul, he personally styles each member with a set of autumn clothing suited to each member. Starting with Hyung Don’s bizzare gipsy look and Myung Soo’s animal look that looks like a tiger will jump out of it.

# A trip of happiness in the lovely Gangwondo

They head off to Gangwondo to find happiness. Jae Suk – Myung Soo – Jun Ha team heads to Sokcho and Yangyang. They even make model poses on the street to get impressive paparazzi shots. They are extremely popular everywhere they go. The three middle-aged guys and their quest to find happiness will be revealed!

Haha, who lags behind other people of the same age and the guy with big face Hong Chul. Where did the two friends with the same age go? It’s a lovely countryside school with just 12 students in total. They meet a group of kids with childlike innocence at Hongchun. Hong Chul and Haha then set out to find happiness there. What will the two guy’s paparazzi photos be like?

They find the greatest amount of happiness from top quality Korean beef? Hyung Don and Gil set out together for a trip to Hwengsong and Youngwol. I am the most popular guy in Yongwol. They suddenly produce an “Infinity Challenge Cinema” at the recording site of the movie “Radio Star” and show off the essence of horrible acting!

#The editor for the calendar design is Jung Jun Ha?

Jung Jun Ha surprised everyone with his outstanding drawing skills during the “Infinity Trading Company” special. This time he transform into a calendar design editor. A large stack of photos is placed in front of the members. They go through a years’ worth of memories and personally pick out the photos to go in the calendar. Jung Jun Ha also begins to draw. 2012 Infinity Challenge Calendar designed by. Jung Jun Ha. What will the Infinity Challenge Calender look like?

It’s an autumn trip that makes you even happier because you set out on the trip together. “Infinity Challenge 2012 Calender Special.”

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