Secret Wraps Up Promotions for "Love Is Move" Without Hyosung

The ladies of Secret have been heating up the stage all month long with their “Love Is Move” comeback, but they’re ready to move on to bigger and greater things, as they revealed that they will be wrapping up their comeback promotions without Hyosung this week.

“Secret will be performing their last stage for their title track, ‘Love Is Move,’ on today’s episode of SBS‘s ‘Inkigayo,'” explained an official of TS Entertainment. “Excluding Hyosung, who was recently injured, only three will be performing on the last stage.”

As previously reported, Hyosung tripped and fell down the stairs of Secret’s dorm on November 23 and injured her left knee and right foot. Fortunately for fans, they won’t have to say goodbye to the girls for long, as they’ll be beginning preparations for the year-end ceremonies and their Japanese advancement next year right away.

Asked what they personally thought they earned through this promotion, they all unanimously agreed, “The biggest achievement was gaining more public recognition. Personally, the fact that we could stand on stage with the SNSD and Wonder Girls seniors made us very proud. Unlike at the time of our debut, people now regard us as capable of competing against the likes of SNSD seniors. We’re very surprised, proud, and grateful.”

“We learned so many great things from watching the stages of our seniors. We’ve also gotten closer to the SNSD members through KBS‘s ‘Invincible Youth,’ and now, we even monitor and support each other. For many reasons, this promotion was meaningful to us.”

On their health, Hyosung said, “I was a bit upset at not taking care of our health a bit more. I used to think that I was really healthy but it seems that all of the built up fatigue showed at once. I usually don’t take vitamins, but I’ve been making sure to take them often lately.”