TS Entertainment Unveils Zelo from BANG & ZELO

Earlier this month, TS Entertainment‘s rookie rapper Bang Yong Gook announced that he’d be coming out as a unit group with a fellow trainee.

Under the name “BANG & ZELO,” joining Bang Yong Gook is 15 year old pretty boy rapper Zelo, who’s had his face covered by a mask for some time now. Finally, TS Entertainment has gone ahead and unveiled his pretty looks for new fans to admire.

Despite only being 15 years old, he’s described as having a powerful hip hop soul. Don’t let his cute looks fool you, though, as he also stands at a tall height of 182 cm. The boy is already capturing the hearts of nuna fans, and has been affectionately nicknamed “Pocket Boy,” which is a type of phrase used to describe men so cute you want to keep in your pocket.

Netizens have described his unique featuers to be a cross between 2PM‘s Nichkhun and actor Song Joong Ki. “Zelo is the youngest out of the members in the line up for debut, but he’s highly talented in the areas of not only rap, but dance and acrobatics. He’s got great potential. His name is a play off of the Greek god, Zelos. It fits him well, as he works extremely hard amongst his older hyungs,” officials revealed.

BANG & ZELO will be releasing their title track, “Never Give Up,” on December 2nd. If you haven’t seen it yet, check out their teaser music video below: