F.T. Island Successfully Completes Encore Concert, "Memory In F.T. Island 2011"

On November 26 and 27, F.T. Island successfully completed their encore concert, “Memory In F.T. Island 2011 in Seoul,” at the Blue Square in Hannamdong!

Having received much love for their recent re-make album, “Memory in F.T. Island,” the band opened up the packed concert with an exciting performance of “I Want.” To the tune of the crowd, they went on to perform their past hit tracks, “Hello Hello,” “I’ll Get You,” and “Love, Love, Love,” all in perfect live.

Fans were also able to see the boys’ fluent language skills, as they also performed their Japanese releases, “Revolution,” “I Want,” and “Let It Go,” as well as a mix of Korean and Japanese for “Flower Rock.”

The treat of the night surely was their performance of “That Person in Shinsadong,” “Love All,” and “Smiling Like A Doll,” all of which were songs that helped member Hongki place at the top on KBS‘s “Immortal Song 2.”

Fans from all over the world attended the concert, including some from Japan, China, Thailand, and even North America. Despite the language barrier, it was obvious to everyone just how much they were enjoying themselves.

After the concert, the members said, “We were able to have an exciting time thanks to so many people showing up for our encore concert. Thank you so much for coming, and we hope that this concert was like a present for you all.”