Weekly Box Office Report: Fourth Week of November

Korean Box Office

1. Special Investigation Bureau (SIU): Revenue) $2.6 Million, Total Viewers: 419,042

2. Punch (Wandeuki): Revenue) $2.1 Million, Total Viewers: 4,745,131

3. You’re My Pet: Revenue) $0.21 Million, Total Viewers: 519,726

4. Penny Pinchers (Tikklemoa Romance): Revenue) $0.17 Million, Total Viewers: 407,914

5. Perfect Partner: Revenue) $69 Thousand, Total Viewers: 82,073

6. Chilling Romance: Revenue) $32 Thousand, Total Viewers: 6,147

7. Cat Dance: Revenue) $15 Thousand, Total Viewers: 8,057

8. Secret of Objects: Revenue) $12 Thousand, Total Viewers: 6,808

9. Eunuch (Naeshi): Revenue) $766, Total Viewers: 3,367

10. Oshing: Revenue) $2 Thousand, Total Viewers: 1,222

*Revenue is over the weekend and is approximate


Featured Film of the Week: Special Investigation Bureau (SIU)

Sung Bum (Played by Uhm Tae Woong) was undercover when he comes across a case where his fellow police officer was murdered. Sung Bum realizes that this isn’t just a normal case and he puts together a Special Investigation Bureau (SIU) in order to figure out this case. His partner is Ho Ryong (Played by Ju Won) who had experiences in the FBI. The suspect they are chasing is always one step ahead. Soon a command from above is recieived to kill the suspect on sight, the deeper the SIU get into the case they realize something is going on…

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