How Much Is Too Much? Davichi Kang Min Kyung’s Awkward Sexy Dance

Davichi’s Kang Min Kyung doing an awkward sexy dance spread throughout Korean community websites like wildfire. The clip appeared on an internet community board with the title “What Kind of Dance Is This, Kang Min Kyung?”

In the clip she is wearing a white one piece and red belt. However, she is down on the floor, bending over, and shakin her thang. Usually, Kang Min Kyung has more of an innocent image, but it appears that she was going for a sexy image.

Netizens that have come across the clip have stated, “Wow this is very different,” “It might have been too much,” “I think this is too much,” “I like her innocent image better.”

Here is a clip of her singing on “Immortal Song,” which Kang Min Kyung do you like better, the innocent one or the sexy beast?




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