Son Ye Jin and So Yoo Jin’s Past Photo Garners Attention

Actresses Son Ye Jin and So Yoo Jin are garnering attention for their past photo.

A photo was recently uploaded on an online community website with the title, “Son Ye Jin and So Yoo Jin Ten Years Ago.”

In the revealed photo the two actresses are posing with fellow co-actors, So Ji Sub and Jung Jun.

The photo of the four was taken back in 2001 on the set of MBC drama “Delicious Proposal.” Son Ye Jin and So Yoo Jin are gaining interest for their natural born beauty compared to then and now.

The women received lots of love for their cute, cheerful, and innocent charms. Fans and netizens who saw the photo reacted with diverse responses: “Natural beauties,” “They are absolutely still beautiful,” and “They are youthful.”

How do you like their old photos?