Jay Park and Moon Hee Jun Discuss Their “Inferiority Complexes”

Jay Park and Moon Hee Jun made an appearance on KBS “National Talk Show Hello” on November 28 and briefly talked about their “inferiority complexes.” On the show, they listened to one of the viewers who complained about her small mouth that had a 3cm width. After hearing her story, the show’s hosts went around asking guests about their “inferiority complexes.”

For Jay Park, it was his height, as he answered, “I don’t really have anything like that. If I had to pick, it would be my short height.” His candid response caused everyone on set to burst out laughing as they liked Jay Park’s “chic” and “honest” sense of humor.

Moon Hee Jun said, “For me, it’s not the size of my mouth, but it’s the color of my lips. A lot guys would beat me up in high school because I had reddish lips.”  But the funniest response came from comedian Jung Chan Woo who said, “I have really small nipples. When I look at myself after taking a shower, it looks like a fly is sitting on my chest.”

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