Wonder Girls’ Sun Ye: “I Wanted to Die”

It looks like Wonder Girls Sun Ye is a headline making machine! Last week on the November 22 episode of “Strong Heart,” she revealed that she was in a relationship, and this week she stated that she wanted to die and made a very bad mistake while she was as trainee.

Sun Ye was discovered in elementary school through SBS’ “JYP’s Elite Training Project,” and she said that “during my long trainee days I hit puberty.”

She continued her story, “When I had been a trainee for about 4 years there was an incident where I had a breakdown. I shouldn’t have done that, but I did it because I wanted to die.”

Sun Ye appeared in “JYP’s Elite Training Project” in 2001 when she was only in 6th grade. There she was picked up as a JYP Entertainment trainee good at singing. After six years she debuted as a Wonder Girls member in February, 2007.

Sun Ye’s surprising confession will be revealed on the episode of Strong Heart that will air on November 29. 

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