Lee Min Jung and Jung Yong Hwa Appear in Hong Kong Special for "Running Man"

SBS Sunday variety showRunning Mantakes to foreign shores once again to shoot a special episode. This time, the “Running Man” team brought the game to Hong Kong, with Lee Min Jung and frequent guest Jung Yong Hwa.

The episode and guests were kept under wraps but social networking sites were quick to spread the news such that fans were able to catch Lee Min Jung and Jung Yong Hwa departing from Incheon International Airport on November 28. Fans were likewise waiting at the Hong Kong International Airport to catch the guests, as well as the “Running Man” cast and crew when they arrived.

Fans were also able to troop to the filming locations to catch “Running Man” in action. In particular, Lee Min Jung, noted for being a fashionable beauty was captured in very casual outfits while shooting. The actress, who is starring in the upcoming film “Wonderful Radio” received attention for her natural look.

“Running Man” has thus far had featured episodes shot in Thailand and China. The Hong Kong episode is scheduled to air on December 11.