Kara’s Jiyoung Cast in Korean-Japanese Drama "Rainbow Rose"

Kara‘s Jiyoung has been confirmed to play the leading role in an upcoming Korean-Japanese collaboration drama titled “Rainbow Rose.

Officials of DSP Media disclosed on November 29, “Kang Jiyoung has been confirmed to play the leading female role in ‘Rainbow Rose’ and is currently filming for the drama in Korea. Filming began in early November but we were cautious about confirming details because the female lead could have changed at any point.”

“Rainbow Rose,” which is the tentative title for the drama, is a teenage melodrama slated to begin airing in April of 2012. Jiyoung in particular was cast for her experience and public recognition with her Japanese promotions.

DSP Media hinted at the casting last month by stating, “We are positively looking over a drama offer, but there are still some things that we need to finalize with the production company.”

Other Kara members currently pursuing acting careers include leader Gyuri, who’s also acting as the leading role in the musical, “200 Pound Beauty.”