Pledis Boys Release Photos from the Set of Debut MV Filming

The seven members of Pledis Boys have been earning much attention even before they’ve made their official debut thanks to their handsome looks. Recently, Pledis Boys discovered that fans had already launched their very first fancafe!

To celebrate the opening, the boys personally made a visit to the cafe and thanked their fans by leaving a series of photos taken straight from the set of their music video.

“These were pictures taken from the scene of their music video. We heard that the Pledis Boys has already earned their own fancafe despite not having made their debut yet, so we thought we would show our gratitude by uploading pictures,” officials of Pledis Entertainment revealed.

If you aren’t familiar with them by now, they’ve had several TV appearances. Member Jang Doyoon earned attention for being the “second Jung Yong Hwa” after his appearance on “Star Audition,” while the other members took over the headlines with a three-second long appearance on shows like KBS‘s “Hello.”

Judging from the new pictures alone, it’s no wonder why, as they’re all naturally handsome with a fresh concept that we’re sure will capture the hearts of fans.