Who Wore It Better: Hyoyeon vs. Lee Yoon Ji

SNSD member Hyoyeon and actress Lee Yoon Ji are garnering attention for showing off their individual charms and identical dresses. Hyoyeon is recently rising in popularity with her feminine look and boyish personality on the variety show “Invincible Youth Season 2.” She wore the dress during a photoshoot for “The Boys.”

Lee Yoon Ji has been gaining interest with her curvaceous body and wore the dress for the premiere of the movie “Couples.” The dress was done by a new and upcoming designer Lee Doo Ra and garnered attention after top stars Seo In Young, Kim Tae Hee, and Han Hye Jin wore it.

The “Champagne Talking” designer said, “The brand identity is expressing a woman’s powerful side while still dressing up in an elegant style.” So what do you think? Who wore it better, Hyoyeon or Lee Yoon Ji? Let us know!