Fans Follow SS501’s Kim Hyung Jun Around In Japan

SS501‘s Kim Hyung Jun recently traveled to Japan amidst the welcoming of hundreds of fans that had gathered for his arrival at the Haneda Airport for his KBS drama, “She’s Completely Insane!

Filming for the drama, in which he plays the leading role, took place in Yokohama and Tokyo, and fans from all over Japan made sure to visit the film sets. The gathering of fans proved to be quite the attraction, as even Japanese passerbys were reported to have stopped to observe the bustling scene. Some fans even arrived with pickets with the name of his character, Kangmin, written on them among other supportive messages.

Some of the more extreme fans followed the star all day long from the moment of his arrival to his activities like film sets in taxis or their own cars.

“I knew that he was popular in Japan, but I didn’t think that it would be to this extreme. This actually makes it all the more perfect, as he plays the role of a top Hallyu star in the drama. I really think that he was well cast,” an official from the drama said with a laugh.

Kim Hyung Jun also received a standing ovation while performing at the OST concert at the Pacific Hall in Tokyohama on November 26. Kim Hyung Jun will continue his activities for the drama back in Korea this week.

Check out photos from the scene that his official homepage recently updated with below!