Double A Talks About Their Unique Nicknames

When asked to name some of the nicknames they’ve garnered in the past month since their debut, rookie five member boy group Double A returned with some surprising answers: self-sufficient idols, no jam no stress, discourteous idols, and #1 rookie group with the most antis.

On November 3, the group debuted with “Because I’m Crazy,” and since then have managed to garner quite the list of nicknames as revealed above. “No Jam No Stress” is a catch phrase used by a copy machine company, and the phrase was applied to Double A because many thought that their name reminded them of A4 papers.

Unfortunately, they also have a couple negative nicknames, which all stem from misunderstandings. On the November 11 episode of KBS‘s “Music Bank,” the boys were reprimanded by netizens for laughing and fooling around in the background while MC Hyun Woo gave his farewell speech. The issue erupted into a controversy big enough for the members to post a formal apology on their Twitters.

Regarding the topic, the boys explained, “We had no idea that it was the last broadcast of senior Hyun Woo. It was the first week of our debut, and we were just staying still on the ending stage, but seeing the seniors around us, they were all doing something fun or catchy. Our fans often told us that since we’re rookies, we have to leave a lasting impression, so we tried to look as lively as possible. Unfortunately, that brought about some negative results. Because the crowd was screaming so loudly, we couldn’t hear what senior Hyun Woo was saying, and it wasn’t until later that we realized that was going on.”

The nickname that probably represents them the best, however, is ‘self-sufficient.’ They earned the nickname for being able to provide for themselves with their vast experience.

The group’s oldest, Aoora, has experience as a musical actor and producers for the group. Woosang has been a dancer since junior high and earned the title of the youngest dance director at the age of 18. As expected, he’s in charge of the group’s choreography. Woosang has danced for groups like TVXQ and Shinhwa and even choreographed for Super Junior and CSJH.

Joowon, who was a model, is in charge of the group’s outfits and styling. Promotion tactics and other ideas are provided by all of the members together.

“Since the members all figure everything out on their own, we don’t follow the trends but rather bring out the best in each of us to fill the stage. This also allows us to go through many different transformations. Through this process, we hope to create a color all our own,” they said.

Fortunately, the experiences they’ve been met with since their debut has allowed them to be more aware of what they need to be cautious of in the future. The boys are slowly gaining more and more fans that feel moved by their efforts as a group.

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