Wonder Girls Sohee's Hilarious Solo Dance While Ye Eun Falls on Stage

Wonder GirlsSohee shared an interesting story of her doing a solo dance while member Ye Eun fell on stage.

On November 29, SBS “Strong Heart” featured the stories of many celebrities and singers such as Wonder Girls, Song Dae Kwan, Jang Jae In, Kim Jung Nam, Hwang Hye Young, Sa Hee, Kim Won Hyo, and Byun Gi Soo.

In this episode, Wonder Girl’s maknae Hyerim talked about a time when the Wonder Girls were performing at the United States, and Ye Eun fell. Hyerim said, “Ye Eun unni fell during the dancing part, but she was sitting down dazed out. I was really surprised and scared, so I went to her with the other members to help her stand up. However, So Hee didn’t know about it and she was dancing alone really hard.” After she said that, the audience burst in to tears of laughter.

Ye Eun continued, “I get a really bad jetlag! I was really tired from the tightly scheduled tour. I was in the worst condition ever, and I made a mistake. I felt sad and hurt.” She also added that she never made a mistake while singing “Nobody,” and that when she fell, everything around her was going by in slow motion.

The show played the video of the performance too. In the video, all the rest of Wonder Girls except Sohee went to Ye Eun. However, So Hee was dancing alone so enthusiastically. The audience choked with laughter once again when the clip was revealed.

Sohee then covered her embarrassed face and said, “I usually have really bad hearing so I must have not heard her…!”

Also from this episode, Sohee talked about the time when she signed for a fan named “Ung Dung ee” (means Butt in Korean).

Sohee continued on with, “I think I have ear problems, seriously! At the fan signing, a fan was telling me her name over and over, but I could not really understand her. I kept hearing it as ‘Ung Dung ee!'”

She laughed and said, “I thought it was really weird, but I ended up signing ‘To. Ung Dung ee..'”

She later found out that the fan’s name was Un Kyung ee. That fan decided to post the hilarious picture online, garnering laugh from the audience.

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