Girl’s Day Displays "Twinkle Twinkle" Outfits in Shibuya to Promote Upcoming Concert

Ahead of their first Japanese concert, the ladies of Girl’s Day have been earning attention in Japan by putting their stage outfits on display.

“To promote the girls’ Japanese concert on December 10, we’ve displayed the stage outfits worn during their ‘Twinkle Twinkle‘ promotions in a show window on the street of Shibuya. Thousands of people walk the street every day, so it’s a great promotional opportunity. Passerbys will take pictures and even ask questions about the items and the group,” officials of Dream Tea Entertainment disclosed on November 30.

On December 10, the girls will be performing at the O-East Live House for a crowd of 1,000. “For their Japanese fans, the girls will be performing about 10 songs live. The members are all pouring sweat in order to prepare for the concert.”

In other parts of Shibuya, Girl’s Day’s music videos and pictures are put on display against large buildings to further build anticipation for their concert.

Many have always believed that Girl’s Day’s sweet, aegyo concepts would be perfect for the Japanese market, and it seems the girls are on the right path to success.