Who Wore It Better: Seo Woo vs. Kim Won Hee vs. Yoon Mi Rae

It is evident that clothes are getting longer in length, from outers to skirts to outfits. A long, slim skirt is gaining interest after Seo Woo, Kim Won Hee, and Yoon Mi Rae showed off their different charms through the same “Nine Six” dress.

Seo Woo is currently starring in the SBS drama “When Tomorrow Comes” as a wealthy daughter. She wears gorgeous bright colored outfits and portrays a cheerful and exuberant charm. The actress styled her hair in a natural half tie and finished the cape dress with a lovely yet cute look.

Kim Won Hee is progressing as an honest and comfortable MC on KBS “Star Couple Show Honey.” She wore the cape dress with a neutral colored hair accessory—portraying an elegant and feminine feel.

Yoon Mi Rae showed her curvaceous bodyline with the wine colored sleeveless dress on the final stage on Mnet “Superstar K3.” She finished the overall outfit by accessorizing with a simple necklace and bracelet to display her sexy charm.

Kim Won Hee and Seo Woo’s cape dress displays a lovely and elegant mood while Yoon Mi Rae’s sleeveless dress can give a sexy and refined style.

So what do you think? Who do you think wore it better? Let us know!