Foreign Women Most Want to Learn SNSD’s Makeup Styling

SNSD’s makeup style was chosen by a group of foreign women that they most want to learn. Fifty women from different countries including Thailand, France, China, Morocco and the United States were featured in a show, OnStyle’s “Get It Beauty.”

The women were part of a special episode called “Global Beauty Class,” in which Korean stars’ hair and makeup know-how are unveiled. From a selection of hair and makeup styles, the group of foreign women dubbed “Better Girls” chose SNSD’s as the one they would like to learn best. They agreed that the “just-woke-up” hair and “no-makeup” makeup were the most beautiful.

SNSD’s makeup artist, who also styles the makeup of Brown Eyed Girls then appeared and shared information to the Better Girls. She taught the natural makeup techniques of the nine members of SNSD, with emphasis on matching each individual’s skin type and color. SNSD has recently revealed at the 2011 MAMA press conference that they take around two to three hours to prepare their hair and makeup.

The “Global Beauty Class” episode of “Get It Beauty” aired on November 30.