Lee Hyori's Former Declaration of Her Ideal Man and their Secret Dating Place Revealed

Amidst all the surprise and shock, Lee Hyori’s former declaration of her ideal type of guy is gaining attention.

Lee Hyori once stated, “I don’t like guys that are too good looking. I would want to date or marry someone that feels like my soul mate. It’d be really nice if he could understand me really well.” Netizens are doing some detective work, and decided that Lee Sang Soon falls exactly into her description as a “soul mate.”

On November 30, SBS’s “One Night’s TV Dating,” there was a behind story of Lee Hyori, that publicly spoke up about her dating rumors for the first time ever since her debut. The two started dating because of their mutual interest of animal rights. She recently donated $100,000 USD to genuinely show her feelings towards abandoned animals

One Night’s TV dating crew waited outside the radio recording building to ask him some questions about their relationship on the next day of the declaration. He spared his words and said, “It’s exactly as the articles say,” showing his protectiveness and consideration for Lee Hyori.

Also, recently, their secret  dating place was revealed.

The first reporter that saw them together claimed, “The two do not usually date during the day, but when it gets dark, they usually meet up at the park near Lee Hyori’s house, and enjoy their dates together. I saw them walk with her dog several times.”

The park was visited by the One Night cast. The park was very open to the public, but since not a lot of people visited, it was the perfect place for them to secretly date.

Lee Sang Soon debuted in 1999, with his first album “Come to Me,” and promoted his songs and albums for 7 years. Last year, he teamed up with Kim Dong Ryool with the “Veranda Project,” continuing his music activities. He starred on many movie music, and currently, he is on the EBS radio program “World Music Journey.”

Netizens are commenting, “I hope they have a long-lasting relationship,” and “I’m so happy for her! She found someone that she genuinely likes.”

Recently, more information about their relationship was released.

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