Jung Woo Sung Opens Up for the First Time About Breaking Up with Lee Ji Ah

Ahh bittersweet breakups, as Oscar Wilde once said, “The heart was made to be broken.” (@_@) I remember it was back in April when the shocking news broke out that Seo Taiji and Lee Ji Ah were involved in a divorce lawsuit. (Jung Woo Sung knew nothing about this, much like everyone else in the world, as the fact that they were once married was a secret.) Jung Woo Sung had a hard time, and the Korean public heard about his drinking in order to get over the recent news. 

Jung Woo Sung and Lee Ji Ah eventually broke up in June.

 On November 30, Jung Woo Sung was at a press conference for his upcoming drama, “Padam Padam.” A reporter asked him, “I think it would have been difficult for you to appear on the screen after that incident?” Jung Woo sung replied, “It wasn’t difficult for me at all. Everyone goes through relationships and breakups. Actually, I am more concerned right now over my mother’s health, because she is getting surgery.” In the drama “Padam Padam” a main subject is “Miracles.”

Jung Woo Sung was asked what “Miracles” meant to him. He answered, “Right now this moment is a miracle for me as well. When a lot of people come together to make a moment like this, is a miracle in itself. I think every moment in life is a miracle.”

The drama “Padam Padam” which is about a “Kang Chil” (Played by Jung Woo Sung) who gets out of prison after 16 years of imprisonment, falls in love, and begins to live a life where he tries to find the meaning of “miracle” once again. The drama will be broadcast on December 5, through the new TV channel JTBC.

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