Kara’s Nicole to Make Cameo Appearance in Jang Dong Gun and Odagiri Joe’s New Movie

Kara’s Nicole will make a cameo appearance in the upcoming movie, “My Way.” According to the producer of “My Way,” Nicole plays the clerk at the information desk, and will only make a brief appearance in the movie. However, Nicole will not be involved in any of the movie’s promotional activities.

The $30 million movie, starring Jang Dong Gun and Japan’s Odagiri Joe, is one of the most anticipated movies this year for its star-studded cast and director Kang Jae Kyu, who’s also directed “Taegukgi.” It is scheduled for release on December 22.

In other news, Kara’s “Super Girl” ranked first on the weekly Oricon Charts with 275,000 copies sold last week, breaking SNSD’s record of highest album sales record by a foreign female group in first week sales. They will also attend the popular Japanese year-end show, NHK’s “Kohaku Uta Gassen,” with SNSD and DBSK