Loen Entertainment Reveals Deleted Scene from IU’s "You and I" MV

In response to the tremendous love fans have been showing IU‘s comeback music video, “You and I,” the staff over at Loen Entertainment have revealed a sweet surprise in the form of a still cut of a deleted scene from the music video.

IU’s official homepage was recently updated with a staff diary featuring a still cut of IU and actor Lee Hyun Woo in a sweet but awkward back hug.

Officials of the label explained, “This scene was actually filmed and intended to be used as a backdrop in the scene where IU is looking outside the window from a train. We tried to give a peaceful feel to their relationship through the photo but the two were so very awkward with each other, which is why we took it out from the music video completely.”

Like their explanation, IU looks rigid and frozen while Lee Hyun Woo carefully wraps his arms around her. Still, the scene was sweet enough to draw out some jealousy from her fans.

Netizens commented, “They match each other so well, actually,” and “She looks so cute looking shy, I’m jealous of both of them.”