Infinite Releases MV Teaser for Winter Single "Lately"

As a sweet opportunity to thank fans for the love they’ve been receiving all year long, Infinite has released the teaser music video for their winter single, “Lately!”

The boys are looking to end the 2011 year on a warm note with their fans with an omnibus-style music video where each of the members are leading roles of their own little stories. Each melody is expected to touch the hearts of their fans, eventually coming together at a climax with a wonderful orchestra and love story at the end.

“This single is a gift prepared with love for Infinite’s fans because they will not be promoting in Korea,” officails of Woollim Entertainment revealed.

Don’t be disappointed, though, as they still have plenty more activities coming up. Infinite will be continuing their “Before the Dawn” promotions in Japan on top of preparing for their first Korean concert coming up on February 11.

Check out the teaser music video below: