Song Hye Gyo Shows Off Her Sexy Charm in "Vogue" Photo Shoot

Actress Song Hye Gyo is garnering attention for her see through fashion.

The actress showed a totally different charm than her usual sophisticated and chic image through fashion magazine “Vogue” photo shoot.

Song Hye Gyo captured interest with her smoky makeup and alluring see through fashion. Her voluminous bust line added on to the displayed sexiness. She wore sparkly black pants for the lower apparel. Her seductive gaze at the camera while leaning on a wall had many male fans skip a heartbeat.

Netizens who saw the photo shoot picture reacted with diverse responses: “A sexy side of Song Hye Gyo!”, “This is way too sexy!”, and “Way too charming, her body really is perfect.”

Recently, Song Hye Gyo has been filming for Kar Wai Wong’s “The Grandmasters.”