Complete Coverage of 2PM's Press Conference in Malaysia

Last week was such a memorable weekend for 2PM fans in Malaysia. The boys were in Malaysia for their debut concert “2PM Hands Up Asia Tour 2011.” They arrived at the airport on November 24 and were greeted by hundreds of fans that had been waiting for hours to meet them.

Soompi was there during the press conference that was held on the next day. It was held at Sentral Ballroom, KL Hilton Hotel at 3:30PM with local media representatives and fans eager to meet the group for the first time.

111124 Press Conference

The boys were wearing their Hands Up concert outfits and they looked excited to meet the press. They introduced themselves and had a Q&A session.

Q: Were you tired when you arrived yesterday?

Taecyeon: We don’t feel tired at all. We were surprised to see the fans at the airport.

Q: How do you feel to be in Malaysia for the first time?

Nichkhun: Actually, we feel really good, especially since I’m from Thailand and I’ve been here couple of times. It’s such an honor to be here and to perform for you guys. We will give you a really good show, so do come and enjoy the show.

Q: Were you worried about the situation in Thailand?

Nichkhun: I heard that it was getting better. We donated a lot of money and bought a couple of life boats to help people there. This is an opportunity for 2PM to give back to Thailand people and fans. We were sad that we could not be there to help out. 

111124 Press Conference

Q: Have you tried any Malaysian food?

Taecyeon: We’re staying in the hotel so we could not try out Malaysian food. We are planning to try out tonight.

Wooyoung: It’s our first time in Malaysia and didn’t have time to try the local food so we are so excited to try if somebody can introduce to us.

Junho: You can introduce the foods to us.

Q: This is your first Asian Tour. What expectations do you have?

Junho: People always asked us about our Asia Tour and if it’s gonna be in Malaysia. Finally we came to Malaysia and feel very happy and we hope to come more often here. We are looking forward to that.

Q: In addition to group performances, any solo performances?

Taecyeon: There will be solo and duet (performances) as well. We have been preparing it for a long time. This is our first time in Malaysia and our first show, so we will do our best. 

111124 Press Conference

Q: Taecyeon, you injured your legs recently. Have you fully recovered?

Taecyeon: It’s not completely healed, but for the performance, I’ll do my best.

Q: How do you maintain the relationship between the members since everyone has their solo activities nowadays?

Taecyeon: We still live together so even though we do a lot of our separate activities, we are kind of like family. When the older brother or younger brother does something, we all gather together and talk about it.

Chansung: We’ve been together for so long. We always think about each other and when we get back after individual work, we greet each other warmly and that’s how we maintain our relationship.

Q: We all know that you have achieved great results in Japan. Where will be your next stop? 

Junho: I don’t see us succeeding in Japan right away. We are still at the beginning stage. We will work harder to achieve our goal there and hopefully in the future we will be successful in Malaysia as well. 

MC: You are already a great success in Malaysia and we are going to prove that to you tomorrow.

Taec: WOW! (lol)

111124 Press Conference

Q: Since 2PM has been to other countries too and this is the first time to come to Malaysia, how do you compare the fans from other countries to the fans from Malaysia?

Junsu: All the fans are hot and that’s why the fanclub is called Hottest. I felt happy to be warmly greeted by Malaysian fans at the airport. I feel thankful to Hottest fans everywhere in the world.

Q: What is 2PM’s favorite song to perform on stage?

Chansung: “Hot.” It is the first song on the album which Junsu composed. I would be happy to perform that.

Junho: “Give It To Me.” I felt thrilled because that was the song I composed. When the audience cheers for the song and for me, I have a great time.

Junsu: “Hands Up.” When we perform, everybody puts their hands up and I feel great.

Nichkhun: I like doing slow songs. I like performing “I Can’t” because we don’t have to dance, and we just walk around the stage. It’s great because we get to make eye contact with fans and touch their hands and be next to each other.

WooYoung: I like to perform “Thank You” for Hottests.

Taecyeon: Last but not least, I like “My Valentine” the most, but I’m going to say I like performing “Back To You.” It’s the most famous, performance-wise. It’s a hot and sexy song!

Q: What is the next concept for your Korean album?

Taecyeon: We’re planning for a new Korean album next year. We are actually planning a very “beastly” album that’s gonna be very hot, and performance-wise, it will be the biggest one that 2PM has ever done. We hope that the album will succeed.

111124 Press Conference

Q: Anything else that we can expect from the concert performance tomorrow?

Chansung: There will be some songs that we can enjoy together. There are also some sweet songs that we will perform together and of course a lot of manly songs.

Q: Will 2PM come out with a clothing line one day?

Nichkhun: We have problems dressing ourselves –  I don’t think I want to dress up other people.

Taecyeon: Clothing line? Let me think about that. Junho and Junsu are very fashionable while Chansung and Wooyoung are getting to their own fashion sense. Khun as well. Maybe one day, we could share our interest and passion on it and come out with “2PM Fashion.”

Q: 2PM has gone to other countries to perform. You guys usually tweet about it but there was no tweet from 2PM when you arrived here. The fans here feel a bit upset about it.

Taecyeon: My phone is broken. I will tweet after the concert and thank the fans.

Nichkhun: My phone is kinda broken. Don’t be mad. Please. 

111124 Press Conference

After the press conference ended, they held the “Hi-5 session” with 300 lucky fans.

For more pictures, check out the gallery 2PM in Malaysia.

Photos by kasha_oscara

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