G-Dragon’s Comeback Confirmed for YG Family Concert

G-Dragon’s comeback has been confirmed for the YG Family Concert taking place on December 3. Local media Star News reported G-Dragon showed up at the rehearsals for the concert and practiced with the rest of the group, confirming his comeback through YG Entertainment’s 15th year anniversary concert.

The report said YGE debated his return until recently as it’s only been a couple months since his marijuana scandal broke out. In fact, in their official press release last October, YGE only mentioned Daesung’s return through this concert, abstaining from making any comment on the group’s leader.

But since the event is a year-end party celebrating their successful year, and in order to show their appreciation to all the fans, YGE decided to have G-Dragon’s comeback stage at the Family Concert. Also, the fact that this concert is expected to be one of the largest-ever concerts in YG history, with more than 200,000 fans coming, made the decision easier for YGE.

With G-Dragon’s comeback, tomorrow’s concert will be the first in many months to see all five members of Big Bang perform together on the same stage. They did appear together in early November for the MTV European Music Awards, but they never performed together since the “Love Song” promotions from early this year.

This year’s YG Family Concert is scheduled for December 3 and 4. They will also perform four times in Osaka (January 7 and 8) and Saitama (January 21 and 22). Celebrating the agency’s 15th year anniversary, the concert will have all of YGE’s main artists, including Big Bang, 2NE1, Se7en, Gummy, Psy, and Tablo.