Big Bang Reveals Teaser for Japanese Version of "Haru Haru"

Popular all-male group Big Bang revealed the teaser for their Japanese version of “Haru Haru” through their official YouTube. This comes after the release of their immensely popular Korean original back in August of 2008. 

“Haru Haru” became one of Big Bang’s most well known songs as it reached 22 million views on YouTube. The Japanese release will be included in their new album, “THE BEST OF BIGBANG” which will be revealed on December 14. This album features their hit songs both from Korea and Japan, and “Haru Haru” will be one of them. 

The story of the music video is about G-Dragon‘s girlfriend who is suffering from terminal illness. She decides to avoid G-Dragon so that her condition is not known to him. She turns to TOP, who knows about the illness and they pretend to date so that G-Dragon would eventually get over her. 

Here is the teaser: