Big Bang’s Daesung Releases Music Video for "What’s Up"

With the premiere of MBN’s What’s Up” only a day away, and the release of a teaser through the week, there was a music video released as well.

The music video has a really melodic and rock feeling, and tells the story of being different from others. We are able to see two new sides from Daesung, one is his role as an actor and the other one is his side as a rock performer. His voice goes from deep tones of rock beats to a high-pitched level in the melodic parts of the song. It is something that we are used to hear from him.

We are also able to see scenes from him singing on stage. The video gives a sneak peak of the storyline, showing images of Daesung’s character as a kid, being all alone, and then being Hades with the mask on his face. In the end we get to see him with wings like an angel. 

Fans worldwide are highly anticipating the new drama because it marks the acting debut and comeback of Daesung after his unfortunate car accident earlier this year. “What’s Up” will begin airing this Saturday, December 3, on MBN. 

Check out the music video below!