Fans Celebrate SNSD Yuri’s 23rd Birthday with Newspaper Ad

In celebration of the 23rd birthday of SNSD‘s Yuri, thoughtful Sones have come together to put a newspaper ad with a sweet message wishing her a happy birthday.

It’s become almost custom now for fans to share and celebrate their favorite idol’s birthdays with everyone through newspaper advertisements, and the same tradition wasn’t spared for Yuri.

On December 5, a daily newspaper was seen with an ad stating, “December 5 is SNSD Yuri’s 23rd birthday. For always and forever, we hope that our loving Yuri will be healthy and happy. Every Sone will be bringing their hearts together to wish for your happiness!”

Netizens commented, “Fans put up an ad at Seohyun Station for Seohyun‘s 20th birthday. Such talented fans,” “Are putting out ads the latest trend?” and “Yuri must be happy to see it!”

SNSD is currently preparing to continue promotions with their follow-up track, “Mr. Taxi.”

Happy birthday, Yuri!