Shin Se Kyung’s “Snow Goddess” Photoshoot for Ceci Magazine

In the December issue of Ceci Magazine, Shin Se Kyung drops her “bagel-girl” image for a “snow goddess” concept. Gracing the cover of the magazine is the star actress in a snow white outfit with fairytale-like makeup on, exuding an elegant and innocent, almost doll-llike aura.

This photoshoot was a new attempt for Shin Se Kyung, as the style and makeup were more geared towards creating a mysterious atmosphere. However, she perfectly portrayed the initially planned concept flawlessly, receiving praise from the entire staff.

The pictorial is also easily accessible for overseas fans, as it is available on iTunes (You can download the Ceci application here). The LITE version offers a video-cover clip and behind-the-scene footage of the photo spread for free, so you should definitely check it out too!

Here are rest of the photos and the BTS clip. Enjoy!



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