Jung Woo Sung Captivates Viewers with Crazy Eyes

Jung Woo Sung captivated viewers with his crazy eyes for the drama “Padam Padam” that was broadcast on December 5. The reason he kept showing an intense stare was because he was acting out scenes where he was extremely angry. In the first episode, we learned why Jung Woo Sung’s character “Kang Chil” had been incarcerated for 12 years.

He was incarcerated after being framed by his friend when he was 19 years old. Jung Woo Sung’s intense eyes increased the anticipation of viewers.

Netizens have stated, “Jung Woo Sung’s acting was crazy, was he always that good?” “I don’t think I can sleep because of those eyes,” “He’s way too good looking,” “Jung Woo Sung looks good with Han Ji Min. Fighting”

The story of Jung Woo Sung’s character “Kang Chil” and his eventual coincidental romance airs every Mon-Tue at 8:45pm. (Korean Time)

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