[UPDATE] JYP Announces Marketing Contest Exhibition

JYP Entertainment has announced their Marketing Contest Exhibition for 2011. 

The contest is about displaying any ideas about the JYP artists. You can participate individually or in group with a maximum of 4 people. Marketing ideas can be from one of the following categories: news media, news business model or fan marketing. Anything that comes to your mind, make it happen through JYP’s contest.

The amazing prizes for the winner with the best ideas includes, money, visiting JYP offices and also the possibility to work for JYP.

The contest is available only for College Students in South Korea. Are you studying in Korea? Do you have any great ideas? You better start thinking hard and participate! Maybe your dream of working for JYP can become true!

Check out the videos below from Wonder Girls and 2PM with information about the contest.

 Hello, we are Wonder Girls. In 2011, JYP will hold the marketing competition. The area of the competition is “artist marketing.” Anybody with unique ideas can participate in the competition including the area of fan marketing, news media marketing, new business model, etc. The winner will receive as prizes: money, a chance to visit the JYP overseas offices and the special placement if you get recruited by JYP. Thank you!.