Shinhwa’s Andy Holds First Solo Fan Meeting in Taiwan

Shinhwa member Andy Lee has successfully held his first solo fan meeting in Taiwan.

The event was held at the Taipei International Convention Center on December 3. He was discharged from his  military services on October 31.

During the fan meeting, Andy performed his solo hits such as “Propose” and “Love Song.” He also interacted with the fans by doing quizzes and other games. Andy, who was nervous since it was his first fan meeting since his discharge, expressed great gratitude toward his fans who cheered on for encore performances.

During a press conference was held before the event, he was asked about his love life. Andy responded, “I want to be in a relationship but right now, my priority is business so I think it will be hard for me to date.”

He will continue to have fan meetings in Korea, China, Japan and in other Asian countries until February of next year. He will make his return to variety TV through an episode of “Strong Heart,” which will air on December 6.