Weekly Box Office Report: First Week of December

Korean Box Office

1.Chilling Romance: Revenue) $3.2 Million, Total Viewers) 487,902

2. Special Investigation Bureau (SIU): Revenue) $1.5, Total Viewers) 839,003

3. Punch (Wandeuki): Revenue) $1.1 Million, Total Viewers) 5,046,792

4. You’re My Pet: Revenue) $30.3 Thousand, Total Viewers) 541,356

5. Penny Pinchers (Tikklemoa Romance): Revenue) $11.3 Thousand, Total Viewers) 422,686

6. Love Room Guest and Mother: Revenue) $742, Total Viewers) 1,985

7. Perfect Partner: Revenue) $9 Thousand, Total Viewers) 89,371

8. Cat Dance: Revenue) $7.2 Thousand, Total Viewers) 9,987

9. Mozart Rock Opera: Revenue) $18.4 Thousand, Total Viewers) 7,150

10. King of Pigs: Revenue) $6 Thousand, Total Viewers) 17,526

*Revenue is over the weekend and is approximate

Featured Film of the Week: You’re My Pet

You’re My Pet,” starring Kim Ha Neul and Jang Geun Suk, is a rom-com based on the Japanese comic, “Kimi wa Petto” by Yayoi Ogawa. Kim Ha Heul plays Eun Yi, a successful editor at a fashion magazine. While she finds success in her career, she has a hard time with relationships – both with her colleagues and men. Jang Geun Suk plays In Ho, a former ballet dancer who has been scarred with a freak accident involving a co-dancer several years ago. Through a series of events, In Ho gets a chance to live with Eun Yi, who decides to take him in as a pet-friend-housemate. She names him Momo after her pet dog, and sparks start to fly between them. The romance is spiced up even more when Eun Yi’s first love Cha Woo Wung, played by Ryu Tae Joon, comes in the picture…


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