On December 6, Big Bang’s Daesung made his first public appearance in seven months at the press conference for his new MBN drama, “What’s Up.” Hundreds of fans came to the press event and the casting crew held a special cake-cutting ceremony with the cake delivered by fans to celebrate the occasion.

“Over the last few months, I thought about the things I’ve done so far and what I should do moving forward. I wanted to apologize to everyone around me and show myself in a better light. Instead of being by myself, I’ll show a more energetic and positive side of me…I’m both nervous and a bit concerned at the same time,” Daesung said.

He also thanked his fans by saying, “I’d like to thank all of my fans for showing up today. Thank you for always showing support and helping me. It gives me strength to see you show love and support to me. I love you.”

Today’s press conference was Daesung’s first public appearance since the tragic car accident in May. Thousands of press, including foreign media, covered the event along with hundreds of fans from around the world. Fans from China, in particular, sent a special wreath and bags of rice to celebrate the occasion, with the message, “Congratulations on the first episode of ‘What’s Up.’ Let’s dominate TV ratings.”

Daesung’s new drama “What’s Up” is about college students majoring in musicals. It’s the first TV drama series starring Daesung where he stars as “Hades,” a kid who struggles with social life while hiding his musical career from his mom. The first episode aired on December 3, but it saw disappointing ratings as it recorded a only a 0.46% TV rating. Good luck with the rest of the show!