Uee and Song Joong Ki As Barbie and Ken

Uee and Song Joong Ki were picked as this year’s Barbie and Ken!

On December 6, Uee and Song Joong Ki were a part of the 2011 Barbie and Ken Awards and Fashion Show. The event was held by Mattel Korea at Cheongdamdong Beyond Museum. The event was a celebration of Barbie being a Generation, Cultural, and Fashion icon for 52 years.

The event chose one male and female celebrity that had a positive effect on culture, as fashion icons much like Barbie and Ken. The winner receives a special collector edition doll. Last year’s winners were Hwang Jung Eum and Kim Bum.

On this day, Uee and Song Joong Ki received their special edition doll award and a there was also a Barbie and Ken fashion show that showed the fashion of many prominent South Korean fashion stylists.

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