YB "I Autographed on a Woman’s Breasts"

On the December 6 episode of SBS “Strong Heart” YB’s leader Yoon Do Hyun spoke about an incident where he met a very interesting fan in the U.S. The incident was in 2009 when YB was a part of one of the U.S rock festivals named Warped Tour.

Yoon Do Hyun said, “After a performance we had opened up a booth where we sold items that had to do with our band, we also took pictures with fans and gave out autographs. As the tour got longer, YB’s popularity continued to grow and the fans waiting in front of the booth grew as well.”

He continued, “The U.S. fans truly had the rock spirit, and many of them asked to have autographs on certain parts of their body. I signed a woman’s breasts before because she asked me too. I was more surprised because her boyfriend next to her was fine with it.”

He finished by joking, “I took my time when I wrote this particular autograph, I even put in the date.”