Kim Hyun Joong Releases Signature Necklace in Collaboration with Justin Davis

Kim Hyun Joong has joined hands with the world-renowned jewelry designer Justin Davis for the release of his own signature necklace. Justin Davis is the founder of Justin Davis Jewelry and has worked with a number of celebrities in the past, including Eminem, Paris Hilton, Amuro Namie, and Hamasaki Ayumi.

The “Kim Hyun Joong Necklace” is designed after Kim Hyun Joong’s “HJ” initials as he was directly involved in the entire designing process. Justin Davis’ representatives said, “Through the whole designing process, Kim Hyun Joong showed exceptional talent in design, fitting his image as a Hallyu star with good fashion sense. We’d like to applaud Kim Hyun Joong’s effort to continuously challenge new areas, despite already being a global star.”

The necklace is expected to be out on the market from mid-December in Japan. It’ll first be available only in select Japanese department stores, but will expand into other markets in the future. Check out the design below!

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