Park Si Hoo Picked as Most Handsome Korean Star in Japan, Beating Lee Ki Kwang, Choi Siwon and More

On a Japanese Hallyu site, a poll was generated on Korea’s most handsome star and Park Si Hoo received the most votes, putting him at the number one spot.

The poll started on November 2, which means that it was held for about a month. Park Si Hoo claimed the number one spot, surpassing the likes of other handsome stars such as Lee Ki Kwang, Song Joong Ki, Kim Bum and Choi Siwon.

On November 6, “Princess Prosecutor” along with “Queen of Reversals” started to air in Japan. Afterwards, Park Si Hoo started to receive more love and popularity. 

Around 6000 fans visit Park Si Hoo’s official Japanese website as well as the mobile site each day. Furthermore, he is receiving many calls for interviews, TV broadcasts and fan meetings.

Sources from Park Si Hoo’s agency say, “Although it’s been over a year since Park Si Hoo has visited Japan, many people are giving a lot of love so we are very thankful. These days, there are even fans who physically come to our office. As soon as we find the right time in Park Si Hoo’s schedule, we will plan something to repay the fans.”

Meanwhile, Park Si Hoo successfully ended the drama, “The Princess’ Man” and is currently shooting for the film, “I Am A Murderer.”