T.O.P Surprise Appearance on MBC "Survival: I Am a Singer"

On the December 5, recording of MBC “Survival: I Am a Singer” it is being reported that T.O.P made a surprise appearance. According to representatives of the show, T.O.P. appeared on the second part of the show for Gummy’s song “Gaegoo Jaengi (Rascal).”

Her song was a part of the Sanoolim (Resonating Mountain Sound) special. A representative stated, “Gummy was performing her rendition of Sanoolim’s ‘Gaegoo Jaengi’ when T.O.P. suddenly appeared on the stage. The atmosphere of the performance lighted up as the two showed off their harmony of rap and song. The audience was going wild.”

For the song, Gummy received praise from Korea’s original rocker Kim Chang Wan. He had stated, “She understood the original song perfectly, it is even freer than the original.”

Here is a song where the two have collaborated before, Gummy’s “I’m Sorry


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