IU’s Manager: Happiest Man in the World, Couple Shirts and Piggybacks Galore

Several photos showing IU and her good-looking manager’s closeness were released and is garnering much attention.

Recently, photos titled “IU and Good-Looking Manager” were posted on an online community site. In one of the pictures, IU, wearing a white jumper and jeans, was riding on her manager’s shoulders with a big smile on her face. In another set of photos, the two sported matching black-rimmed glasses with white tops and black pants as they gave off affectionate poses. IU’s arm was slung around his shoulder and both of them had playful facial expressions. This ignited curiousity for many netizens. 

IU’s manager is already well known among IU’s fans. He’s even nicknamed “the Squirrel Manager,” and is famous for his tall height and good looks. 

Netizens who viewed these photos exclaimed, “Her manager is so good-looking,” “I can’t believe IU is riding on his shoulders,” “I’m so jealous,” “Please don’t overdo the skinship,” “They seem like lovers but on the other hand, like an uncle and niece,” “They look good,” and more. 

Meanwhile, IU is actively promoting her “Last Fantasy” album, which was released on November 29.