Lee Hyori Tells Paparazzi to Stop

A little over a week has passed since Lee Hyori announced her relationship with singer/songwriter Lee Sang Soon, and the paparazzi have been stalking her every move for more photos of the couple. Frustrated, Hyori tweeted yesterday, “To all those photographers who are outside my home. Please stop. We’ve already taken all the photos and told everything there is to be told. What more do you want…I can’t even take Soonshim out for a walk. Please, I’m begging you.”

On December 7, a source close to Hyori stated, “Hyori is getting stressed with all the people swarming outside her home.” He added, “Since going public, she hasn’t been able to leave her home, and she’s slowly getting frustrated and angry.” Currently, Hyori doesn’t have any activities scheduled and has been resting at home; while Lee Sang Soon has been concentrating on his music production.

Lee Hyori and Lee Sang Soon revealed that they’ve been dating for five months on November 28, and have received many congratulations from netizens. However, just after nine days since making the announcement, it seems as if Hyori is uncomfortable with the ever-growing attention. 

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