Weekly Forum Recap: Soompiers of the Month, Debate of the Week, YongSeo

If you subscribe to our Facebook and Twitter accounts, first of all, thank you, and second of all, you may have noticed that we have expanded our coverage to include popular and interesting forum threads. Since the forums have always played an integral role in our site and traffic, we thought it made sense to start featuring certain threads. Here’s a recap of some of the threads we featured, along with others we didn’t:

Soompiers of the Month: HERMIT and cecilia! We have begun a monthly feature in which we pay tribute to some of our most awesome community members. For our debut, we chose to feature the (in)famous HERMIT, whose quick wit and thoughtfulness have greatly improved the quality of our lifestyle forums, and cecilia, whose dedication and generosity have done the same for our Korean entertainment forums. HERMIT and cecilia will each receive a $15 iTunes or Amazon gift certificate as a small token of our appreciation. Thanks, HERMIT and cecilia!

Weekly Official Soompi Debate: Which actor will be the next biggest Korean superstar: Lee Min Ho, Jang Geun Suk, or Kim Hyun Joong? What qualities does he possess that the other two just don’t have?

Most Popular Thread: The Official YongSeo SeoHwa Couple Thread. Just in case you’re not in the know, this has been the most popular thread for pretty much the entire year and will likely remain at #1 for quite some time. Even though their stint on “We Got Married” is technically finished, YongSeo lives on in the hearts of many.

Most Popular Group Subforum: SNSD. Still in the glow of their comeback with “The Boys,” these nine lovely ladies continue to reign supreme on Soompi (and elsewhere).

Featured Beauty and Fashion Thread: For years, What Did You Buy Today? has continued to feed our members’ shopping addictions by allowing them to share and discuss their recent purchases with each other! It’s an addictive place for any shopaholic!

Interesting Science Thread: A New Earth? In case you didn’t know, NASA discovered a planet outside our solar system with “Earth-like properties,” with a balmy room temperature atmosphere that can accommodate liquid water, which is essential for life. (Our esteemed editor jbarky was very excited about this news!) However, the verdict is still out on whether there might be life on this planet, as its large size implies that its composition might mean it shares more similarities with Neptune than Earth. Why not take a visit and find out firsthand? After all, it’ll take a space shuttle only 22 million years to get there!

Random Poll: Girls’ Bra Sizes. Ladies, are you in the mood to reveal some extremely personal information? Here’s the thread for you! (I’ll stay right here… you go on ahead.)

Random Thread Which Turned Out To Be Extremely Popular: Kristen Stewart’s Wedding Dress in “Breaking Dawn.” For all our Facebook fans who didn’t understand why we were featuring this thread, we have to say, there were over one thousand of you on Facebook who still liked it — literally! Twi-hard or no, check out the back of Bella’s dress — it’s to die for.

Random Thread Which Turned Out To Be Extremely Controversial: Why is the US so slow in fashion compared to Asia? A simple query based on personal observation spawned some controversy not just within the thread, but also on Facebook.

Really… Why Bother Asking? Child Porn: What Do You Guys Think About It? O_O Proving that you actually can make something out of nothing, check out some of the responses to this not-so-thought-provoking question. (Feel like putting in your two cents? Beware that this is the Real World forum — meaning you need to be at least 20 years of age to participate.)

That’s all for this week! If you’ve found a thread that you think is interesting, PM melkimx, Rebby, or lualm — we’d be happy to feature it for you!

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