2PM's Explosive and Energetic Performances in Malaysia

2PM came to Malaysia as part of their Hands Up Asia Tour Concert. After arriving on November 23 and holding the press conference the next day, the concert was held on November 25 at 8:30PM in Stadium Negara.

As there were huge anticipation for 2PM finally visiting the country, the tickets for VIP and VVIP section were quickly sold out few days after the tickets went on sale.

111125 Concert

Fans that wanted to get a good spot in the “rock zone” had lined up since the day before the concert.

When the lights been dimmed, fans cheering got louder for 2PM. The boys began the concert with “HOT,” “Electricity,” and “Hands Up.” The energetic songs had set up a very lively mood with fans cheering and singing along with the boys. Following this intro set, they introduced themselves and said they were happy to come and see the fans in Malaysia.

111125 Concert

They continued the show with rebellious performances of “Crazy for You” and “Tired of Waiting.”  Following that was a duet performance by Junho and Wooyoung. They sang “Besides You“, a song that was composed by Junho.

The mood then changed to a more romantic feeling as the boys changed to casual suits and sang their sweet ballads “I Can’t,” “Give it To Me” and “Dance Tonight.” Nichkhun and Taecyeon had a duet song “My Valentine.” For this, they wore identical checked suits and walked around the stage.

After the performance ended, there was a skit between Chansung and a girl. As they were running away from a killer. Unfortunately the girl was caught and Chansung had to take revenge. Wearing a red leather suit, he showed off his sword skills while jumping and leaping around the stage to get the killer.

All of 2PM went back on stage together again and performed “I’ll Be Back” and “I Hate You,” with the momentum still running high when they performed “Back To You.” The fans went hysteric when the boys did the sexy dances with the female dancers.

It was Junsu’s turn to do his solo performance of “Alive.” The song and concept was by Junsu himself.

111125 Concert

After Junsu’s solo performance, they all came back out with “Without You” followed by “Only You.” During this performance, the boys gave out roses to their fans. This act made fans eagerly await to receive the flower.

The introduction for “10 Points Out Of 10″ caused the audience go into a frenzy. “Again and Again” had cool lighting effects and graphics and created an amazing scene. They also sang their Japanese single, “I’m Your Man.” The neck-tie and hip trusting dance moves made fans go wild.

The show continued with songs “Don’t Stop Can’t Stop” and “Heartbeat.” Many fans were excited to see the famous pyramid formation of “Heartbeat”.

They ended the concert with two encore songs, remixes of “10 Points Out Of 10” and “Hands Up”. Going around the stage, the members continued to wave and greet their fans. Taecyeon jumped into the free seating area and stumbled a bit on the way back.

111125 Concert

On a side note, Nichkhun’s family had also came all the way from Thailand to watch the concert. Fans who recognized them took pictures with his mother, sister and brother. Junsu’s uncle that live in Kuala Lumpur also came with his family.

At the end of the concert, 2PM said their thanks to the fans and mentioned that they will come back again for a better performance. Junho said, “Saya akan balik” (I’ll be back), to which fans screamed back in reply.

I would give the concert a… 10 out of 10 with the boys singing live for all songs. Although there were technical difficulties before their “Thank You” performance, they showed their professionalism on the stage. And as fan service, they teased fans and were playful towards each other, as 2PM really brought the packed house down. Personally, this is the best concert that the I had attended this year. 

Thanks to Star Planet for inviting Soompi to cover this event. For more pictures, check out the gallery 2PM in Malaysia.

The 2PM Hands Up Asia Tour Concert Live in Malaysia was present by TM Everyones Connect and jointly organized by Star Planet & Hwa Yea Multimedia.

Picture courtesy from Star Planet

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