Andrea Bocelli to Sing "My Way" Theme Song

The world renowned Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli is singing the theme song for the film “My Way” which stars Jang Dong Gun.

A representative of “My Way” stated on December 8, “Andrea Bocelli will sing ‘To Find My Way’ which was written by Lee Dong Jun, the song will go up at the ending credits of the film.”

The music director Lee Dong Jun put in a lot of effort to get Andrea Bocelli to join in on the OST. Since planning the OST he took a whole year to create the perfect song for Andrea Bocelli.

The theme song for “My Way” will also appear on Andrea Bocelli’s live album that will be released on December 15. Andrea Bocelli had stated, “This song’s beautiful lyrics and melody moved my heart.”

Andrea Bocelli is currently the biggest-selling solo artist in the history of classical music, as he generally crosses over to pop and back to classical music. One of his most famous songs is “Time to Say Goodbye” which he sang with Sarah Brightman.



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