Who Wore It Better: Chae Si Ra vs Yuri

Although the chilly month of December is already here, the “see through” look is still quite popular among fashion trends. It can reveal a sexy body line without showing too much.

Chae Si Ra and SNSD‘s Yuri both wore an item from Gucci’s 2011 Fall/Winter Collection. Chae Si Ra wore it for the current issue of Style Chosun, while Yuri wore her outfit for the September edition of Cosmopolitan.

The see through dress is a black halter that exposes the back for a naturally sexy appeal. The front of the chest features detailing of small red flowers, which pop in contrast to the rest of the black fabric. The sheer fabric of the bottom half exposes the legs entirely, giving off a sultry image, yet not revealing too much.

Chae Si Ra, who is now in her forties, showed no signs of aging. Her body is that of someone in her twenties! She has no flaws; her legs are long, her hips are in, and she looks absolutely fantastic for her age. To accentuate the look, she wore a couple of gold accessories, like a band and a bracelet. Framing her face, her hair is volumized and is composed of messy waves that add to the sexy look. The way her face is posed shows a confident look.

On the other side, Yuri, who is SNSD’s “mom-zzang” (best body) looked healthy and well-toned. She opted to not wear any accessories, which brought the central focus to the dress. Her “S-line” pose fully brings out the best in her body. Her hairstyle is set in a loose, messy ponytail, and the way her eyes are turned downwards brings out the nice eyeshadow color combination. The sheer white curtains in the background, along with the lighting of the picture, give her a goddess like feeling.

So, you tell me. Who wore this better?